Spooly has a clever design which takes up virtually

no space and features innovative technologies that

free you from tangled, frayed and damaged cables.

Full-length cable

Neat & tidy package

Spooly uses bespoke magnetic cable which quickly

and effortlessly aligns the cable to form a perfect, 

secure coil. Then simply pull to un-wind. It’s that easy!


Magnetic cable

Spooly’s great for providing fast charging and data transfer with the

length and flexibility you need at home, at work or on-the-go.

The most versatile cable ever

Whether you’re doing some urban exploring or an

off-road adventure, Spooly’s form fitting case

offers complete protection.

Complete protection

Spooly attaches to your key-ring to ensure you have it with you at all times.

Just grab your keys and go!

Always there when you need it most